• The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. Amphitheater guests, ticket holders, and other invitees (collectively, the “Guests”) participating in activities at Jackson Township facilities are vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, especially the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in connection with attending events at the Amphitheater, and Guest assume such risk when engaging in attending events at the amphitheater.


    The Board of Trustees urges all Guests to inform themselves of the inherent and assumed risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Trustees understands this is a difficult and trying time in many ways for all of us and the personal sacrifice that each of us is making. The Administration is here to help and we ask for your assistance in return. Jackson Township is a fantastic community and we will get through this by working together.

    • All bags and other containers brought into the Amphitheater are subject to reasonable and courteous search.
    • Coolers are not permitted in the Amphitheater when a ticket is required for admittance to an event.
  • Performances at the Jackson Amphitheater are a rain or shine event. All ticket sales are final.
    In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather, refunds will be available. All performances are subject to postponement, delay or cancellations due to rain or severe weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, an announcement will be made on stage by the Jackson Amphitheater Venue Manager prior to or during a performance.

    • Parking is FREE!
    • View our parking and amphitheater map here.
    • Handicap designated parking is available in Parking Lot A.
    • Motorcycles must use standard vehicle parking.
    • No camper, trailer or recreational vehicle parking is permitted at the Amphitheater.
    • At Jackson Township’s discretion, the adjacent parking lot and/or other public streets or spaces may be closed and/or restricted in connection with events at the Amphitheater or otherwise. Jackson Township reserves the right to require event organizers to allow for sufficient alternate parking, including handicapped spaces as required by law.
    • Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome in designated areas.


    • Pop-up tents, canopies, umbrellas and other shade structures are not permitted at the Amphitheater without specific written permission from Jackson Township.


    • There is no permanent seating at the Amphitheater. Jackson Township has the right to restrict access to seating areas and walkways, entrances, exits and parking areas, and to designate certain types or areas of seating (e.g., VIP, chair, standing, ticketed or other types or areas of seating), as is advisable in its discretion.
    • Tickets can be purchased for the Summer Concert Series at jacksonamphitheater.com.
    • Children 10 years old and younger will be admitted for free for all Summer Concert Series events.
    • Tickets are available at the gate on the day of show—if the show is not sold out. To purchase tickets at the gate the day of show you will need a smart phone to scan a QR code located at Gates 1, 2 and 6. Once you arrive at the website choose the show and follow the on-screen directions. Recommendation: If you are making a last minute decision to attend a Summer Concert Series show go to jacksonamphitheater.com and purchase your tickets before leaving for the venue. The tickets are digital and can be scanned from your phone. If you desire, the tickets can be printed out for presentation at the gate.
    • Thursday Night Concerts are free and take place during the Farmers Market and Food Truck Thursdays.
    • No smoking or vaping is permitted at the Amphitheater.
    • Guests may not bring food or drinks into the Amphitheater.
    • Food and drink vendors will be available at select events. Check the event page(s) for more information regarding the vendors at each event.
    • Adult beverages can be purchased by credit cards only at the Summer Concert Series events.
    • The only alcohol permitted at the Amphitheater must be purchased from vendors. No alcohol may be taken into or removed from the Amphitheater.
    • The sale or possession of alcohol may be prohibited during certain times and for certain events at the discretion of Jackson Township. Further, any person exhibiting signs of impairment may be denied service.
    • No pets or other animals (excluding service or companion animals permitted by law) are permitted anywhere at the Amphitheater.
    • To ensure the safety and security of the Amphitheater and its users and guests, access to certain areas of the Amphitheater may be restricted or prohibited.
    • Possession of a firearm in the Amphitheater is prohibited by Federal law since the Amphitheater is within 1,000 feet of Jackson Local Schools property.
    • In the event that there is a D permit issued by the State of Ohio for the Amphitheater and alcohol and/or liquor is being consumed, the possession of firearms is prohibited, subject to certain exceptions set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.


    • No weapons of any kind are permitted in and around the Amphitheater.
  • A permanent restroom structure is available in the northeast corner of the parking lot adjacent to the Amphitheater.


    Restrooms are located within the amphitheater structure itself, but are subject to restriction or closure at the direction of Jackson Township.


    Temporary restrooms may be available for certain events, as determined by Jackson Township.

    • No open flames, pyrotechnics or fireworks are permitted at the Amphitheater without the prior written approval of Jackson Township.


    • No grills, smokers, fryers and the like are permitted within the Amphitheater and the adjacent parking lot.
    • No signage or other item or material may be hung, nailed, glued, affixed or otherwise attached to any surface or portion of the Amphitheater.
    • Amphitheater guests and occupants are expected to be respectful of other guests and their property and surroundings, as well as their enjoyment of events, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with courtesy, common sense and all laws. Abusive, profane, disrespectful or otherwise objectionable or discourteous conduct may be referred to the Jackson Township Police Department and/or other law enforcement agencies to address such conduct according to law.
    • Jackson Township reserves the right, without public notice, to waive, modify or supplement these Rules and Regulations from time to time and for specific events, at its discretion. Any waiver of a rule or regulation set forth herein shall not serve as or be deemed to be general waiver of such rule or regulation or any other rule or regulation herein.


    • Violation of any rule or regulation set forth herein may result in ejection from and/or restriction of future access to the Amphitheater by Jackson Township, Jackson Township Police or Fire Departments, and/or Jackson Township officials.

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