2023 Nash Family Jackson Amphitheater Beverage Lineup

All adult beverages purchased at the Nash Family Jackson Amphitheater require DEBIT or CREDIT CARD for payment. Cash will not be accepted for adult beverage purchases.

Valid photo ID might be required.


We proudly serve beverages from the Superior Beverage Group.


Our Beers

Beers - $5.00

Coors Light 16oz 

Royal Docks
Backyard Crusher
Original 16oz

Royal Docks
Backyard Crusher
Yuzu + Lemon Zest 16oz

Royal Docks EF1 IPA 16oz

Blue Moon 16oz



Our Seltzers

Seltzers - $5.00

High Noon
Vodka+Soda 12oz
Assorted Flavors 

High Noon
Tequila+Soda 12oz
Assorted Flavors

White Claw 12oz
Black Cherry

canned cocktails

Our Canned Cocktails

Canned Cocktails - $7.00

DogFish Head Vodka Cocktails 12oz*
Assorted Flavors

*Two servings


Our Wines

Wines - $8.00

Dark Horse Wines 375ml*
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc

*Two servings